Lou Dobbs: Race Baiter

From Citizen Orange...

When it comes to race baiting, Lou Dobbs is a hypocrite. Check out this new video that I've put together where Lou Dobbs gives a pass to a staunch racist at forum in Illinois. Then, just a day later, he accuses Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) of race baiting on his show. This and Gutierrez didn't even mention race once! I can't help but see hypocrisy when Dobbs gives a pass to an anti-migrant racist in his forum at the same time that he constantly calls out pro-migrant advocates for race-baiting on his show.

Dobbs's popularity results from filling the vacuum spineless establishment Democrats are leaving in their wake. In the absence of strong progressive leadership, Lou Dobbs has been able to twist populist rhetoric into anti-migrant hate and economic irrationality.

Make sure to sign the petition to boycott Lou Dobbs over at boycottdobbs.us. Let him know that the people he claims to represent will not stand for his harmful rhetoric. His words divide and degrade human kind.

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