Patrick Buchanan's Anti-Latino Racism Featured on Fox

Anti-immigrants have been able to hold up the "illegal" status of some as a fig leaf to cover their racism.

Until now.

Patrick Buchanan, spiritual leader of today's Know Nothings, and two time presidential candidate, said on Hannity & Colmes what it is that really bothers him about immigration: Latinos.

Yup. Buchanan admitted fearing Latinos will soon number 100 million (regardless of the flow of undocumented workers), and that we're contributing to the evolution of American culture. It's a major theme in his new book Day of Reckoning in which he breathelssly blames Latinos for the fall of America.

It's beyond silly and very dangerous propaganda--and it's being aided by Fox and Sir Hannity.

When asked by Alan Colmes if he isn't simply fighting immigration the way the Know Nothings did against his own earlier immigrant family members, Buchanan said a few very telling things:

1) That Latinos are different because they own media, hail from countries nearer to the U.S. and they come with their own culture.
“Let me tell you the difference in the American southwest. The fastest growing television stations and radio stations are Hispanic. There’s a huge number of folks contiguous to Mexico. Our ancestors came across the seas. Look, they’ve got their own language, their own culture. They don’t want to be Americans.”
2) That the Irish immigrants that were brutalized by American nativists damaged America because they too came in large numbers. Buchanan started to blame the so-called gang wars of New York City on Irish immigrants but he was cut off by Sir Hannity.

Buchanan coming out and speaking so clearly about his anti-Latino bigotry is actually a good thing. All Latinos and decent Americans everywhere need to be real clear about what we're up against. It's only when we as a society know the and who's afflicted can we being cut out the cancer.

Below is the video courtesy of NewsHound and YouTube. It offers an important teaching moment on the dangers of nativism, racism, politics and media for concerned Americans everywhere.

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