A Georgia Latina Recounts Trauma of ICE Home Invasion

Speaking in her native Georgia accent, Justeen Mancha, an American Latina recounts the trauma of having her home invaded by armed ICE blackboots.

"I carry that fear with me everyday, wondering when they'll come back. Just because I have brown hair and brown eyes, they think that I'm illegal, but I'm not."
Without a warrant, ICE broke into the young woman's Stillmore home in search of nonexistent "aliens". Finding none--and without apology, the stormtroopers moved on to terrorize dozens of other "Latino" families in the community.

"In the civil rights movement, we had to stand up against legalized injustice and racial discrimination. They are afraid that federal agents might storm their jobs, round them up, require them to prove their citizenship, and hold them in bondage without a warrant for their arrest or guarantee of a trial. This is not right. It is not fair. It is not just." U.S. Rep. John Lewis
The video is a clip of the young woman's testimony to the National Commission on ICE Misconduct and Violations (Thursday, May 29, 2008).

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