Latino Immigrant Marcello Lucero Murdered by Gang of Thugs in Suffolk County

Latino immigrant Marcello Lucero, 37, was murdered in what Suffolk Police are calling a hate crime. He was beaten and stabbed in Patchogue Saturday night by a gang of seven thugs from the East Patchogue/Medford section of South County. All seven were arrested and face a charge of first-degree gang assault.

The Lucero killing follows an eerily similar incident this past July in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. Another gang of young thugs murdered Luis Eduardo Martinez for the crime of being an Latino immigrant. Both incidents were preceded by a growing bias incidents spurred, in part, by the irresponsible rhetoric and actions of local politicians, hate radio and national nativist agitators.

To his credit Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy immediately issued this statement: "This heinous crime that led to the death of an individual because of his race will not be tolerated in Suffolk County,"

However, what's needed for Levy, Suffolk legislators, town leaders, clergy , educators, business leaders and parents to stand united in condemning the Lucero murder. Additionally, politicians must stop contributing to a hostile environment with irresponsible rhetoric and scapegoating measures.

Link: Cops: Fatal stabbing of Patchogue man a hate crime

Photo: Marcello Lucero
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