Virgil The Loser Joins Growing List of Defeated Nativist Politicians

Incumbent Virgil Goode -- islamophobe and nativist -- was proclaimed the loser in the recount of the Virginia 5th Congressional district race. Democrat Tom Perriello bested Goode by a very close margin in a district which had been a reliably Republican.

Goode is one of a number of lackluster politicians using fear and nativist appeals to score cheap political points. Among other vile tactics, in '06 Goode chose to denounce--instead of honoring--the election in Minnesota of Keith Ellison to the U.S. Congress. Why? Because Ellison is a convert to the Muslim faith.

Thankfully, Goode and his ilk are joining a growing list of politicians associated with nativistic and xenophobic politics to be defeated. Often representing solid and/or leaning GOP districts, the list includes: George Allen, Elizabeth Dole, Lou Barletta, Thelma Drake, Tom Feeney, Ric Keller, Robin Hayes , Randy Graf, John Hostettler, J.D. Hayworth, John Shadegg -- as well as Tom Tancredo, Mitt Romney who were crushed in the GOP presidential primaries.

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