Hall of Shame: Dr. James Watson - Scientist

Exhibiting America's raw racism while speaking abroad, acclaimed scientist James Watson declared that Africans are genetically inferior.

A pioneer in DNA research and the head of the prestigious Cold Spring Research Laboratory, Watson delivered his findings minus any shred of evidence.

Hey, it's America 2007. Who needs evidence?

Of course, Watson is not alone in his beliefs. He's simply a trustee of an increasingly public--and even cocky--American racism.

Made acceptable by post 9/11 fear mongering, the terror of American racism was flashed at Americans perceived as Arabic and/or Muslim. Remember Abdo Ali Ahmed and Balbir Singh Sodhi? They were American shopkeepers killed in separate parts of the country simply because they were thought to be Arabic.

Uncontained racism is viral. It spreads quickly and multiplies as it seeks out new opportunities of attack.

Allowed to flood the public square via hate radio, cable and the Internet, it's now homing in on new and old targets. Bashing immigrant laborers have been the racists bread and butter. Immigrants--especially Mexican day laborers--have become the scapegoats for just about every problem facing Americans.

Encouraged by their unrestrained successes against Latino immigrants, American racists are circling back to historic targets: African Americans and Jews. For example, the dreaded noose has been re-introduced to terrorize African Americans from Jenna, Louisiana to Hempstead, New York. And the evil swastika has also found renewed interest as an instrument of terror against Jews.

Together with O'Reilly's surprise at Sylvia's, the histrionics of Lou Dobbs, the unfiltered anti-semitism of Ann Coulter and the anti-Arabic tone of most American reporting, Watson's comments are current with American imperial racism.

Of course, Watson is dead wrong. Casting historically oppressed people as imbeciles is an old racist canard. Africans are as bright and talented as any in the world--a trait readily demonstrated with even the slimmest of opportunities.

Really, Watson's believes says little about Africans and much about Watson and his fellow American racists of today.


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