J.C.Watts to GOP: Quit Dissing African Americans or Else

J.C.Watts, former Oklahoma football star, Congressman, Republican Party evangelizer, and all around nice guy, is fed up. He's had enough of the GOP presidential contenders dissing African Americans, i.e., Republican African Americans.

J.C. has penned this column in which he puts his party on notice that there will be a price to pay come the fall of '08 if Republican candidates continue shunning African Americans in their run up to the nomination.

Good for J.C. Watts! He's worked probably harder than anyone in America to create room within the GOP for African Americans. If he says that people like him are being dissed by his party's honchos, I'm compelled to believe him. Of course, this is made all the easier to believe as a result of the clear and very public restrictionist illness which has engulfed that party.

Is it me or is the GOP starting to sound like an exclusive party for angry white men? For those of you not paying attention, here are the GOP's messages to various voter groups:

Moderate Republicans (aka RINOs): Moderate this!!
Moderates generally: Moderate this!!!
Women: Lebos for Hill, but real women vote love war.
Gays: Take your sodomite asses out of here! (And to stall 3 at 6, OK?)
Latinos: Round em up and dump em across the border. Who needs hard-working, god-fearing, family oriented, productive people, anyway? I mean....
Liberals: Rot in hell.
Independents: Reactionaries, yes. Free thinkers? No effing way.
Muslims: Die!!!
African Americans: NOT our kind!
Atheists: Hell no!
Mormons: Hell no!
Quakers: Definitely, Hell no!
Buddhists: Aren't they yellow people? Hell no!
Hindus: Gandhi and stuff? Hell no!
American Indians: American what?
Union workers: F#;% Off!
Americans w/o Health Care: Whiners!
Unemployed Americans: Get a job!!
Wounded veterans: What commitment?
Car drivers: Be glad it's not $5 a gallon.
Tax payers: Yes, we're wasting billions, but we stopped S-CHIP.
Homeowners at risk of foreclosure: Of course, we'll bail out our banking buddies.
Americans concerned about the environment: Dupes!!
Voters concerned about America's standing in the world: Commies!!!
Americans concerned about civil liberties: Islamo-facist sympathizers!
Senior Citizens: Didn't we give them prescription drugs? Enough already!
Single mothers: Serves you right.
Jews: What the hell do they want now?
Disenfranchised voters: Good!

Ronald Reagan's dream of a Big Tent GOP is beginning to look more like a lean-two nightmare.


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