GOP Primary Voters Tune Out RightWing Radio

If America's right wing radio screechers are sooo right about everything, why is that their favorite candidates for president are faring sooo poorly?

The right's darling anti-immigrant Tom Tancredo never polled more than 1% among conservative Republican voters and was forced to drop out.

Mitt Romney--Sean Hannity's favorite--is having a hard time convincing rank and file GOPers that he's their man.

Fred Thompson--the favorite of Freepers--has been cast as the 2nd coming of Ronald Reagan but, again, Republicans primary voters are not believing the hype.

Then there's Duncan Hunter--aka, the Man that Built the San Diego-Mexico fence. The screechers think he's keen but he does nothing for the voters.

On the other hand, the candidates that the right wing radio "jihadists" have been working overtime to defeat: John McCain and Mike Huckabee are prospering.

This is what happens when extremists begin believing their own press releases about their purported influence and power.



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