What More Does Lou Dobbs Have to Do to Prove He’s Not Racist?

John O'Bryan offers CNN's Anchor Bigot some helpful advice in his recent column entitled "What More Does Lou Dobbs Have to Do to Prove He’s Not Racist?".

I only question O'Bryan's suggestion that Dobbs is a racist but not Liberals. We have just spent the last couple of weeks watching America's leading liberal politicians--Bill and Hillary Clinton--unabashedly using the race-card against Barack Obama. And I've heard few objections from liberals. If anything, some see the Clintons' clever racial tactics as evidence of their political smarts. Under that line of thinking, Lou Dobbs is not a racist, he's simply a very clever man that knows how to strum America's racial chord for big audiences.

Anyway, O'Bryan's is a good read--and Lord knows, we can all use laugh.

"It never ceases to amaze me. Somehow liberals and other sensitive types in this country have managed to turn America’s greatest cable news crusader into a bigot.

Just because Lou Dobbs spends night after night fighting to criminalize people who cross the desert to pick your tomatoes, some loony leftwingers have accused him of harboring white supremacist sentiments. Just because he accidentally quotes studies conducted by racist organizations and occasionally references the opinions of eugenicists, some people have decided that Daddy Dobbs is driven by nefarious motives. Well I’m not one of them. Who among you has not unwittingly supported a Nazi on occasion? We’re all only human.”
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