American Children Sue to Stop the Deportation of Their Mom

Question: How is arresting and deporting the mother of two young American children good for the children, the mother, this country or the country she's dumped in? It's immoral. It's inhumane. It's costly. It may be unconstitutional. And it's plain stupid.

Today, some 3 million American children are vulnerable to to just horrors.

Adults won't do anything about this gross injustice, so it's up to the kids.

When in December immigration agents picked up Maricela Soza in Pompano Beach, her two children took up the fight to keep their family intact.

Cecia, 12, and Ronald Jr., 9, are among more than 600 youths from across the country poised to participate in a lawsuit that aims to stop the government from deporting parents of children who are U.S. citizens.
Nice family values, America.

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